How much should I price a 1936 Kimball Co. consolette piano that's in good condition?

by Guest2382  |  9 years ago

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I have the serial number that places the year at 1936. It is in working order and needs to be tuned. I have NO idea what to price it for and can't seem to get a hold of anyone to appraise it in my area. We are moving soon and do not have the space to take it with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Guest5788
    The best place for a reliable appraisal on your piano is  It costs 20 bucks but it is worth it to get an appraisal as well as a history of the company and the qualifications of the appraiser and the references used.  In many cases, you get a reply in just hours.  It is a good reference tool for determining insurance value and a bargaining document to determine how much value the buyer is getting.

    After all is said and done you would do well to get 300 to 500 for the piano.  Nowadays, the portable keyboard market has put a deep dent in the used spinet and consollette values.  Hang in there though, there is a young mom and dad out there that wants to get their youngster started and the teacher has recommended they get a "real" piano.  Best to consider giving someone a bargain to perhaps begin another young person's journey into the world of piano playing

    Hope this helps

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