How much will a good all terrain vehicle cost in city

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My son likes quad bikes very much and I have decided to buy him a new ATV on his coming birthday. I have no idea about ATV bikes, can you please tell me that how much will a good quad bike cost in city?

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    All Terrain Vehicle is also known as ATV, it is a quad bike, three wheeler or four wheeler which Is defined by the American National Standard Institute and is denoted by ANSI. It is a vehicle that travels on low pressure tyres with a seat that is straddles by the operator along with handle bars for steering control . As the name suggests that it can handle multi task and is designed to operate in multi task environment. There is however some questions on it being legal or illegal as in some countries it is not street legal such as in most parts of Australia, United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. A new variant of ATV is now legal in United Kingdom.

    Prices of ATV start from a set of low range. There are different companies which manufacture the ATV. Some of the famous companies that manufacture ATV are Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda. They are available in different shapes and sizes and their specs also vary according to the price change and also with the shape as well. Some of the ATVs are like golf carts and they even have a roof and are well covered. Their price start from $1899 and it keep on moving according to its different variants.


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