How much will a hiking boot with wheels cost in Vancouver?

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We are taking the children on hiking next week; the surfaces are plain so it would fun for them to move on wheels rather than walking. I am looking for boots with wheels and please tell me how much a good boot with wheels will cost? Do you have any idea about this? I am looking for some serious help here. Thanks for the time in advance.

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    Choosing the right hiking boots is a method of savvy matchmaking. Your illusion hiking boots will:

    Match your hiking ambitions. Beefy backpacking boots, for demonstration, are generally not essential if all you are designing are day hikes unless a backpacking boot boasts you the most comfort.

    Comfortably fit your feet. Ensuring a good fit is the key part of the boot-selection process. The years of REI footwear-fitting information delineated in this item will assist you choose the right boots.

    More on fit will follow. But first, we’ll succinctly interpret your footwear options. We understand it can seem intimidating to look at the boot partition at an REI shop or scan REI’s deep online footwear assortment and marvel, "Wow, where manage I start?" The aim of this item is to direct you from "I’m lost" to "This boot is perfect."

    There are some types of hiking shoes and I will list he name here for you.

    Light hiking shoes

    Hiking boots

    Backpacking boots

    Mountaineering boots

    The prices of these boots may vary but it all depends on the choice of brand and manufacturer. The prices start from some 60$ to 300$. You can check the list on this website:


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