How popular is Ping Pong in the world?

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How popular is Ping Pong in the world?

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  1. Guest2549
    Competitive table tennis is popular in Asia and Europe and has been gaining attention in the United States. The most important international competitions are World Cup, World Championship, the Olympics and the ITTF Pro Tour, as well as continental competitions like European Championship, Euro Top-12, Asian Championship and Asian Games. China continues to dominate most world titles, while other strong teams come from East Asia and Europe including France, Germany, former Yugoslavia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, and Taiwan.

    There are also professional competitions at the clubs level. The national league of countries like China (the China Table Tennis Super League), Germany, France, Belgium and Austria are some of the examples being at the highest level. There are also some important international club teams competitions such as the European Champions League and its former competition, the European Club Cup, which the top club teams from different European countries compete.

  2. Guest1083
    Table tennis also known as Ping Pong  is one of the most popular sports in the world in terms of player numbers, as well as being one of the newest of the major sports.Ping-pong is the most popular in China and some countries in Europe.
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