How put my web page on Google?

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I want to increase the ranking of my web page on Google. What will be the method of putting my web page on to the google? Any idea how to put it on the top in Google.

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    There are number of methods that will help in getting a good position at the google search. Togather they are known as the methods of search engine optimization (SEO). You must have heard about them but here is a brief summary of how it can be done.

    The SEO can then be divided into two parts;

    First part is known as The ON PAGE optimization and the other is known as OFF PAGE optimization.


    This is a search engine optimization that is applied to the pages of your website. They are concerned with all your own websites pages and nowhere else.

    They include;

    Giving a proper title

    A proper title is very necessary for the development and placing of a good website ranking as it is the factor of the most weight that is required in determining the search engine rankings. All of the search engines include google displays pages that are according to the title and the content in the pages and another important factor in possessing a good title is that a good competitive title means more and more traffic because the visitors are on catching the first site of the title that will click on them.

    Later on the steps which are followed are you have to give header tags which are very important. Another step which is then required is cleaning hyper linking methods and in the end you can use simple and clean design, because the cleaner and simpler your website will, it will be more easy to use. Focus on a specific keyword on your pages. For the Off Page Optimization it is important to gain quality backlinks.


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