How safe is online shopping in Pakistan?

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I really liked an online product but I am afraid that most Pakistani online retailers are fake. Need help.

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  1. Ahmad Raza

    If you see a deal being promoted, go to the retailer’s official website to confirm it is a legitimate offer. Or, better yet, do it the old fashioned way and type in the URL in the address bar. This prevents you from visiting a potentially fake and malicious website.

    On other side; If you want risk free online shopping than Magiclamp [] is the best source in Pakistan. 

  2. Guest9401
    These steps will help you shop online safely:
    Step 1: Find Reliable Product Reviews and Information
    Step 2: Check the return policy
    Step 3: Determine If an Unknown Retailer Is Trustworthy
    Step 4: Returning Policy in Items You Bought Online
  3. Guest7991

    In Pakistan there is not much trend of online shopping, most citizens do not want to allocation their credit card or debit card figure on internet. As about 14% of all credit card deception happens online. The most important thing you need to look for when you're giving you're giving your card details across the Web is a small plugged padlock or key symbol, generally at the bottom of the screen (sometimes the top). If you perceive this, it mechanism your facts are being encoded and riding safely down the wire. If you don't perceive it, don't give your card details. The symbol mechanism the retaileremploys SSL, a coding procedure that's extremely hard to crack. Your main accountability is earning sure you don'tpurchase something via mishap, or enter into a long-term contract with regular payments without realizing it. Often citizensclue upward for a s*x site and don't realize as shortly as they acknowledge the terms and conditions they're consenting toproduce payments every month for a year or more. The credit card corporations are fewer interested in facilitating thismanner of customer.

    Two more tips: don't exert a debit card. Your protection if things go wrong is much weaker than if you exert a credit card and also shop carefully on auction sites. They account for 85% of Internet fraud by deception.

    Here are some more tips for online shopping in Pakistan:

    • You must look for good sellers, especially when buying from private individuals.

    • You must look for proof of a physical address and telephone contact details of the merchant.

    • Don’t judge a person or company solely by their web site.

    • Be especially careful when buying from overseas companies.

    • Check sellers’ privacy policy and returns policy.

    • Use an appropriate, safe mode of online payment to get some protection against non-delivery by the merchant.

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