How to Find Errors in iPhone

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My name is nark Richie, I’m from Manchester and doctor by profession. As I’m tech savvy person, I keep myself up to dated with every technology and research related to technology. I want to ask how I can identify errors in my phone. Suggest me any method to find errors. Kindly, answer me as quickly as possible.

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  1. Leonardo

     Most of the errors, you will find will be in your music library of your iPhone. This problem is recovered by reconfiguring your phone music synchronization settings from full library synchronization to a selected playlist sync, which helps to determine whether the issue is related to a specific song or any voice memo. Consistent problems with your iPhone require removing music from the synchronization settings and by replacing it. The latest version of iTunes is highly recommended for these types of errors. Here is a method, from where you can find these kinds of errors.

    1) Insert the connector cable into the USB port on the computer and the IPhone port.

    2) Click "iPhone" in iTunes and then click "Music" icon in the iPhone preferences window. 

    3) Click "Apply" to sync your iPhone smart phone. If the problem continues, then uncheck "Sync Music" and click "Apply” again.

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