How to Fix Windows Registry Errors with Internet Explorer

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Last night, when I mistakenly delete any window’s file, I got a windows registry errors. It’s really frustrating for me and I shut it off from till now my PC. Suggest me any solution, how I can fix that errors with internet explorer. I’m so much tensed about it as I have recently purchased. Kindly answer me as quickly as possible. I will be very thankful to you.

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  1. selvester robin

     Don’t be worry. It’s not a big issue to solve. All Windows-based computers systems have a registry that runs in the background at all times. These registries contain all the information regarding programs and hardware which are both currently and previously installed on the computer. When you removed any important window file, it makes the computer to run slower than usual. But due to the blessing of internet, you can solve it very easily. Here is a solution given below

    Download and install "Advanced Registry Optimizer (ARO)". Launch the program then choose "Once Click Optimization." Now the downloaded program scans the Windows registry for any unused files and errors on the registry. When complete list of errors discovered then select "Click to Repair" and the program removes all the errors from the registry.


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