How to Fix a 1618 Error in iPhone

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My name is Alan Elm. I live in London and I’m accountant by profession. I recently bought an iPhone from Sydney two months ago.  Few days ago, when I was trying to install custom firmware onto the device, an error 1600 popped up on my screen. This error tensed me a lot throughout a week. I’m in so much worry about that. Suggest me any how I can fix that error 1600? Answer me as quickly as possible. I will be very thankful to you.

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  1. Leonardo

     Hi Alan, Don’t be worry; it is fairly a very common problem for iPhone users. This error mostly occurs when you are downloading more than one software at a same time.  IPhone allows only one software to download at a time. There no need of any rocket science or any software to solve that problem. All you need is common sense. Its solution is very easy. Here is the method via which you can fix that problem.

    1) Push down the top right button of an iPhone which is "Sleep/Wake" button.

    2) Hold that button, until the slider appears on the screen.

    3) Slide your finger across the slider to put the phone to sleep status.

    4) Press that "Sleep/Wake" button to wake it up from sleeping state after few seconds. As an iPhone wake up, error will automatically be removed.


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