How to Fix an Error 23 on iPhone

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My name is Mark Simpson. Iam a doctor and I lived in California. I have bought an iPhone two months ago. As I was downloading software in it, suddenly an error came up on my iPhone screen. Its name was Error 23. is it any virus? I’m so much tensed about that as I have a very limited knowledge about iPhone as I’m not a tech savvy person. Kindly help me, how i can fix that error 23. Early answer will be appreciated.

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  1. Leonardo

     IPhone is a very powerful cellular phone, data transfer device and MP3 player produced by Apple. Sometimes, you might have to restore your iPhone cellular phone to fix some problems that you are having. During restoration, there is a possibility of appearing error 23 which is fairly very common for iPhone users. There are two methods to fix it. One is by accessing manually via DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) and the other is normal restoring method.


    1) Connect your iPhone to computer.

    2) Switch off iPhone.

    3) Press and hold the "Home" button and "Power" button simultaneously on the iPhone for few seconds

    4) Releases the "Power" button with continue pressing of "Home" button until your computer system or laptop  recognizes the iPhone as a standard USB device and then restore the iPhone as you normally do.

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