How to Get Backlinks from Youtube

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I read an unclear blog post which stated that links from Youtube can help my website ranking better. I want to know if it’s true and if yes, please provide me a detailed guide about getting links from Youtube.

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  1. Brandon Tucker

    Backlinks are links to your site from other site. They can be important part of improving your rankings on search result pages. Each quality site indicating to yours via a link is a vote of confidence for your site in the eyes of the search engines.

    Yes, it’s true that Youbtube can help in getting better ranking search engines. The video sharing website YouTube can be a potential source of backlinks for your site. There are various ways to get backlinks on YouTube. Some ways are given below:

    Include a link with your website/blog when uploading a video to Paste URL into description part directly below the video.

    Fill in the website part of your Youtube profile with your website URL.

    Comment on Youtube video and include your site URL within the comment .

    Copy the embedded code for a video sent on YouTube and embed the video on your site. YouTube often shows the URL’s of the various websites attaching to actual video, thereby creating a backlink to your website

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