How to Get More View on Your Youtube Video?

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I’ve created a funny video and posted on Youtube. I want it to be among popular videos on Youtube. Please tell how can I get more and more views on it?

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  1. James Harley

     Some of the basic tips to get views on your video are detailed below:

    Develop your page and your channel

    Click on the most popular video and comment on it, people will see your comment there and thus your video and channel will get attention

    Expand your tags like. car, carvideo, good video etc.

    Get good ratings - try and ask your friends to rate your video good. If it get good ratings, your video will more likely come up as one of the first few searches.

    Make your description and picture good, most people put nude pictures on the photos in return they get most views but inside the video theres something else

    If you don't receive a response from a comment you made, continue to search for other popular videos to make comments. The object is to get people to respond to you and begin to look at your videos. When other people make comments to what you've said, this also brings attention to your site.

    Comment on channels and videos that are mostly viewde this way you will get maximum exposure for your channel and videos.

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