How to Renewal Villupuram Exchange

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I registered(2-Feb-2004) my degree in employment Villupuram exchange . Unfortunatelly i did not renewal on the year 2007. I want to renewal my degree now. But one staff(Employment exchange staff) told to me , you cannot renewal,your renewal time is over. You register as fresh. If any idea for renewal?.

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  1. Guest632
    I have registered my degrees till my graduation and now i want to register my MCA PG Degree in online... Can u please help me how to register in online.and the renewel time is 2011.Kindly help me for the further registration.

  2. Guest1636
    Dear Frnds... We can renivel our employment card if missed in 2007 to till in Villupuram Employment exchange. the last date was 04.08.2010.
  3. Guest7611
    How to online Renewal Villupuram Exchange
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