How to Scare Someone on Halloween?

by Jennifer  |  9 years, 1 month(s) ago

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As everyone knows that Halloween is a big festival in west; I need to know some really good ideas to Scare Someone on Halloween. Please help.

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  1. Daniel Phil

     "There are so many ways to scare different people once you put your inspiration to it. Here are two of the ideas you can choose from them.

    The Simple Sneak

    • Completely dress up in black attire. Wear a long-sleeve top, sweatpants, very black footwear and black bandanna. You can cover your face in black face mask if you actually desire to proceed all out.

    • Hide on an equitably dark road where knack or treaters are to pass by. Stand opposite to a large tree works well, and it is easy than hiding in the bushes.

    • You should wait until somebody is transient by who you desire to scare.

    • Step out in front of the individual and say something in low voice and sinister. Or you can just growl. If you walk serenely in the low light, they will discover you before they glimpse you. All of the rapid, they will be face-to-face with a nearly unseen creature mumbling, Say farewell, human."

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