How to Set White Screen Error in iPhone

by Guest11134  |  12 years ago

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Lendl Watson, I live in San Francisco. I have bought an iPhone two months ago. As I was playing a game on in. suddenly, white screen came up on my iPhone screen. Is it any virus? Or there is any fault in it. I’m so much tensed about that as I have a very limited knowledge about iPhone as I’m not a computer programmer. Kindly help me, how i can fix that white screen error. i will be very thankful to you.

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  1. Leonardo

     Lendl, it’s not a big problem to solve. Don’t be worry about that. It is fairly a very common error which almost every iPhone user faces. Its solution is very easy and for that you don’t have to be nerd, geek, tech savvy or computer programmer. There is no rocket science required for that. All you need is common sense. Its solution is like that: 

    1) Turn the iPhone off by pressing "Sleep/Wake" button for few seconds. When it’s powered off completely then turn it on.

    2) By applying step no 1, iPhone will reset and show either the battery symbol or the Apple logo.

    3) If it display battery symbol then charge the iPhone until it is completely charged

    4) if it is still displaying white screen then restore it or use different options.


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