How to Tune up a car?

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How to Tune up a car?

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    Change the spark plugs. Also check spark plug wires and replace as needed. They may be permanently attached to the distributor cap, so have to be changed.
    Replace the distributor cap and rotor if your car has them. Change the points and condenser if you have an older car that doesn't have an electronic ignition. points either should be changed or at least adjusted, every six months or so.
    Check the ignition timing and adjust as needed. Adjust the valves as needed. Be sure to replace the valve-cover gasket as well, especially if you see oil on the top of your engine. check the belts and replace if worn. Check the fluid under the hood and replenish as necessary. Change
    the oil and oil filter if its been 3,000 miles since the last oil change. Replace the air filter, which should be changed between major services every 15,000 miles.
    Adjust the clutch, if you have a manual transmission. Service the battery, adding distilled water, cleaning terminals and cable ends.
    Replace the position crankcase ventilation valve.

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