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I’ve got Facebook Blaster from a guy on Webmaster forum but I don’t know how to use it. Can someone please guide me how to best use Facebook Blaster.

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  1. Brandon Tucker

    Facebook blaster is a superb to increase fan following and friends on Facebook.The tool is used for sending request to thousands of emails address within a single time or a single click. Facebook blaster also provides option to send messages to many Facebook ID’s and posting content of Facebook profile. Poking and Captcha by pass functions are also main feature of this tool.

    Facebook Blaster is easy to use. Following are given steps to use facebook blaster:

    1. Download and Install the software.

    2. Software will ask you for Login with Facebook ID and password.

    3. Software/tool divided into two windows. Left side has all settings, ID information and right side has Facebook page.

    4. When you enter login the software/tool you are logged in Facebook.

    5. Create your message and then click on gather ID.

    6. Just go to any page which has high number of friends request.

    7. Then you call see all link, right click on that and click on properties.

    8. Copy the link and put the link I software/tool and click on gather ID.

    9. You can see set of ids on the left hand side.

    10. Click on send message and you are done. Hurray.

    But my advise it to use it at your own risk because it’s against Facebook policy and plus testing such tools can get ban yourself.

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