How to access Wanganui market in New Zealand?

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I am planning to start my business in New Zealand city Wanganui, could you tell me what are the access opportunities in NZ from distribution point of view.

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    Wanganui’s central location makes it an ideal distribution point for industry. The District and surrounding areas are well serviced by rail, road, air and sea transport. The rail system provides direct links to New Plymouth and the marshalling yards of the main trunk line at Marton, ensuring rail access to the rest of New Zealand. A combination of road and rail provides an integrated, multi-modal land transport system.
    Wanganui Airport provides for passenger, commercial and recreational operations, and is located on the coast 8km from the city centre. The airport is part of a national network with centers around New Zealand, accessible by direct flights or via the main centers. There are also charter companies, which will fly to most New Zealand destinations. The opportunity for sea freight is available through Wellington, Nelson, and New Plymouth ports. Wanganui’s small port handles low volume but diverse cargos such as fish, cement, fertilizer, timber and grain.

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