How to access my web hosting control panel?

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Please tell me the procedure of how to access my web hosting control panel.

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     Your Web Hosting Control Panel is the hub of your account, the console that dwellings your location construction devices, connections to your internet note, and other tools. To visit your Web Hosting Control Panel anytime, just kind in the address bar of your world broad web browser.

    If you haven't marked in lately, you'll glimpse a Yahoo! sign-in page. Just go in your Yahoo! ID and passwords in the areas supplied and bang "Sign In." (For your security, you require to signal in to Yahoo! before you can get access to any part of your account.)

    You'll reach on the Home tab of your Web Hosting Control Panel.

    Try Shortcuts!

    If you use a Windows-based computer, you can conceive shortcuts to your Web Hosting Control Panel from your computers desktop! Adding the shortcuts takes just a minute: Click the "Create a desktop shortcut" connection on the Home tab to get started.

    To get access to your Control Panel:

    Note: Your IP Address and/or your Domain title was supplied on your Activation Notice e-mail message. If you bought a design that does not encompass a Control Panel, communicate Sales for an Upgrade!

    This note will furthermore supply you with your client ID and password you will require to get access to your Control Panel.

    1.       Type your domain title in your browser bar, and adhere /ControlPanel/ at the end. For example: http://www.the_domain_you_bought/ControlPanel/

    2.       Using your domain title to get access to the Control Panel may not work if you have just lately bought a hosting design with us, or if you have bought a design that does not supply you with a Control Panel affiliated with a domain name. In such situations, you'll desire to use your IP address rather than of a domain name. You can furthermore find your IP Address utilising ping. For assist finding your IP address, proceed to How manage I find my Web location IP address utilising ping?. For demonstration, if you have a IP address of 1111.2345.22.33.1, to get access to your Control Panel you would kind into your browser: http://1111.2345.22.33.1/ControlPanel/.

    3.       Type your client ID and Password when prompted. Click Login. Your Control Panel appears.

    4.       Next, bookmark your Control Panel. For data about how to bookmark your Control Panel, ascertain the assist documentation in your browser.

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