How to apply for admission in Monash University Australia as international student?

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Can someone tell me that how to apply for admission in Monash University Australia as an international student? Please tell me about this.

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  1. Guest6873
    International students intending to study full-time and on-campus at Monash in Australia in an undergraduate course or postgraduate coursework program can apply online. Follow the steps below:
    Step 1: Find a course
    Step 2: Have all relevant documentation and information ready
    Step 3: Register and apply online
    Create an online application account and begin your application. You can exit and log back in to continue your application at any point - the application is saved after you complete each page. To register now you must follow this link:
    Step 4: Track your application online
    Once you have submitted your application, you can track your application online by logging back in to your online application account.
    Step 5: Offers
    Monash University will assess your application and if successful, you will be sent an offer package. The offer package includes:
    • A letter of offer
    • Acceptance documents
    • Visa information
    • Other important information to help you prepare for your Monash University studies.

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