How to apply for admission in University of Sydney Australia as a domestic student?

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I want to know that how to apply for admission in University of Sydney Australia undergraduate program as a domestic student? Can someone tell me about this.

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  1. Guest1195
    The University admits applicants into its undergraduate degree courses twice each year. Large numbers of places and the full range of degree courses are available in March Semester. Applicants for March Semester are also assured of a wide range of units of study (subjects) upon enrolment.
    Fewer courses are available in July Semester than in March, and fewer places are available in these courses. The courses which are offered in July Semester vary from year to year, and there will normally be a smaller choice of units of study available.
    You must apply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) to be considered for admission, whether you are seeking admission in March or July Semester.
    UAC is an organization which produces application material for students seeking admission into undergraduate courses, collects applications and then assesses them on behalf of universities in NSW and the ACT. UAC does not make decisions about admission to universities, nor can it provide information about the admission policies of or the selection decisions made by its member institutions.
    The application process for admission via UAC in March Semester is described in the UAC Guide, which is distributed through newsagents in NSW and the ACT from early August onwards. The Guide may also be purchased by mail-order from UAC.

  2. Guest2074

    Here i am providing a link through which the domestic students can access the admission form of university of Sydney, Australia. This admission form is only for the domestic students. /

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