How to become a member of Freemasonry - Joining the Masonic fraternity.

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Freemasonry never brought a tear; Never slandered man or woman; Never drew sword against an enemy; Never taught anyone to profane his Maker’s name; Never attempted to propagate a creed save its own; nor a religion save the universal, immutable religion.  The cause of human progress and human freedom is our cause.

Do you want to know how to become a Freemason? Here is some basic information which should address the question: "How do I become a Mason?"

Freemasonry has its lodges throughout the free world. You'll find Masons meeting in almost every town and village and - except where repressive governments make their existence difficult - they're readily found. None of these lodges was ever organized as a result of any type of 'missionary' work: they came into existence because a group of Masons wanted to share the friendship and fraternity with others in the area.

If you want an inviatation

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