How to change a Dodge Caliber Headlight

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Lights of my dodge caliber are not working properly. I have no idea that how I can do it. Please help me to change a Dodge Caliber Headlight. Thanks!

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  1. Guest1745

    You need to follow the given steps to change a Dodge Caliber Headlight:

    First of all open the bonnet of your Dodge Caliber as it will allow you to reach down into the engine compartment for placing lights at the exact area.

    Now lift the front quarter panel of that side where you need to change the headlight with the help of floor jack and set the jack stand below the front frame rail of your car.

    Once done, take out the fender well plugs with the help of the plastic plug puller tool. You do not need to remove the complete fender well cover, but by removing maximum plugs, you will get space for headlight assembly easily.

    After that you need to disconnect the switch of headlight and ensure to unplug the headlight which will be the inboard plug. Rotate the headlight bezel a quarter rotate counterclockwise and then remove the bulb and bezel.

    Place in the new headlight into the bezel. It is advised to be careful and avoid touching the glass bulb. Place in the bezel and headlight into the headlight assembly and rotate a quarter rotate clockwise to lock it into position. Connect the cable connector into the headlight and change the fender well skirt and connect it to its proper place.

    Now you need lower the Caliber and take out the wheel chock. In that way, you can replace the headlight of your Dodge Caliber and can save a good amount of money by doing it yourself.


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