How to clean up an Error 1004 on an iPhone 4

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My name is Salina and I am a nurse, from Virginia. I have purchase an iPhone from London 1 month ago. When I was restoring my iPhone, there came up an error on my screen of error 1004. As its quite new, I’m so much tensed about it as I have a very limited knowledge about iPhone.Kindly help me, how i can fix that error 23. Early answer will be appreciated.

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  1. Leonardo

     IPhone is the most efficient smart phone produced by an APPLE which is capable of handling number of task at the same time. It’s not a big problem to solve. Don’t be worry about that. It is fairly a very common error for iPhone user mostly occurred in restoration. Its solution is very easy and for that you don’t have to be nerd, geek, tech savvy or computer programmer. There is no rocket science required for that. All you need is common sense. I’m providing you a best method to fix it with a program called Tiny Umbrella. Download that software first, then simply plug in your iPhone and click the button to restore it. From that, you can easily fix it up that error 1004.

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