How to confirm Emirate Airlines seat online?

by Guest2050  |  13 years ago

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I will travel from Karachi to Dubai next week and I have booked a ticket with Emirates Airlines. It is my concern to confirm my seat. Can you please tell me how I can confirm it online? I have no idea where I could easily get some useful information related to confirmation. Please let me know can I do it online, is there any online source where I can easily confirm my seat.


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  1. Guest3328


    You can confirm Emirate airline seat online and there is not hindrance in doing so. You can log on to the official site of the Emirates airline and can easily confirm your seat from the desired locations all over the world where the airline is working. You know that Emirates Airline also provides online check-in services for the desired designation all over the world. You can easily book it from your home.

    Here is the link of the official site of Emirates airline

    You can confirm your ticket right here as I have did the same thing many times. Emirates believe in maximum customer reliance and that is why it is offering unique web services. Here you do not have to worry about difficult procedures of booking your ticket or checking out for the seat confirmation.

    I hope I have answered you well. Still need some information related to Emirates airline or booking procedure than do consult me here. I am always here to be of your help.

    Thanks for your concern


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