How to connect Xbox 360 wireless adapter to pc

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I have bought a new Xbox 360. I do not know how to connect Xbox 360 wireless adapter to PC. Please guide me if you know about that. Thanks!

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  1. Guest6463

    You can connect your Xbox 360 wireless adapter to pc by following the steps given below:

    First you need to get the male USB connector on the wireless network adapter and connect it into the female USB connection port located on the back of the XBOX 360 console. Now you will put the white plastic piece that has a wireless antenna into the slot locating next to the USB port.

    Start your personal computer that is connected to your wireless router. Go to the "Start" menu located at the bottom task bar of your desktop and then open the "Control Panel" link. Now click twice on the icon of "Network And Sharing Center" if you have Windows Vista operating system or click on "Network Center" if you have an older version of Windows.

    Now check to find the wireless network name which should be just next to the name you have given for your computer. Write down the name as you will need to utilize it later.

    Now start your XBOX 360 console and go to the controller menu by pushing the center "X" button. Use the thumb stick or D-Pad to move over to the "Settings" list. Go to the "System Settings" and hit the "A" button. Select the option of the "Network Settings".

    Here you will Type network name into the text field and then press the "A" button again. Now move to your personal computer and open up the option of "Network and Sharing Center" again. Press on the link which is shown as “View Computers and Devices." Once done you will wait for the list of devices for populating and then click twice on your computer name. Further press the "Yes" button when a box appears and asks if you need to connect to the XBOX 360.


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