How to cook a chicken stir fry

by Guest14800  |  8 years ago

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Anita, I’m from Mumbai. I recently got married and I’m quite dumb in cooking. So today I want to cook a chicken stir fry. Kindly recommend me a method by which I can cook a delicious chicken stir fry. I will be very grateful.

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  1. selvester robin

     Don’t be worry Anita. It not a big issue to solve. Now a days internet has made the lives of people quite easy. There are large numbers of sites where you not only get the recipes but also find video as well. Chicken stir fry is a very delicious dish is a very easy dish to cook. You can cook it in a very small time. Mostly women start or experiment with that basic dish recipe. It is also a very reasonable dish to cook. You can provide a good taste in a less amount of money to your family members and guests.

    So I’m providing you a link. Hope it will guide you in a best way. In this link, you can also get different kind of garnishing methods as well which will enhance the look and taste of your dish. Serve your dish with proper dressing and salads. Here is the link.

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