How to copy Xbox 360 game using magic iso

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Tell me how to copy games of Xbox 360 by using magic iso.

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     Magic ISO is a strong CD/DVD photograph record creating/editing/extracting tool. It can open / bring ahead / edit /extract CD/DVD photograph records, and it can convert bin to iso and back. As well as make ISO record from DVD/CD-ROM or hard disk, and handle bootable knowledge at meanwhile.

    To copy Xbox 360 games using Magic ISo firstly you require some minimum requirement, you need to have the following things :

    1. DVD+R Dual Layer Burner

    2. DVD+R DL CDS

    3. Firmware Flashed Or Chipped 360

    4. Magic Iso

    5. Xbox 360 PAL = Europe, NTSC = North America, Region Free = Any console, ISO + computer disc File.

    How to copy Xbox 360 games using Magic Iso:

    1. Insert a Blank computer disc writable DL Disc into the drive.

    2. You ought have your iso + dvd ALONE in a folder.

    3. "CD-R/RW Write Speed": Choose tempo of burning.

    4. "Mode 1" : Burn ISO photograph in Mode 1 format.

    5. "Mode 2/XA": Burn ISO photograph record in Mode 2/XA format.

    6. "Test Writing": If review this pick, MagicISO will simulate drafting ISO record to disc storage invention for identifying error.

    7. "Burn Proof": Verify written knowledge after writing. (Must be carried you CD-R/RW recorder)

    8. Status Text: Shows position of prevailing CD-R/RW recorder. If position text is present in sky-blue shade of color, the CD-R/RW is geared up for burning.

    9. "Erase": Click "Erase" button to bland CD-RW or DVD-RW disc.Notes.

    10. "Burn It": Click "Burn it!" button to start "burning CD" progress.

    11. Wait for disc to finish burning, once finished, exit Magic ISo then eject disc, into 360.

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