How to copy Xbox 360 games

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I want to copy my Xbox games to pc! I just want to know what are the methods by which i can copy the Xbox 360 games to the PC.

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  1. Guest5894

    The easiest way to copy is to do it for you is to find a software program that can alter your own Xbox 360s operating system. You will also be able to do so by using the old approach of adjusting personal console program by soldering a specific chip to your own Microsoft Xbox 360s motherboard. Apart from the strategy you pick it can also void the warranty on your Xbox. This is not a quick choice to make .You can Choose to own a program with a mod or maybe without a mod in order to make your own selection to make it considering that this might bring about you the difficulties.

    If you want to make back-up copies of the games then you can do this step and also you choose to adjust and develop your own system. Most of your game documents will have security codes which are embedded on the hard disks, making it very much impossible for you to duplicate all of your Xbox games unless you are preparing to use any specialized software package. In order to get around the copy of security and the backup as well, you can then have to purchase specialty software package that is intended to bypass this copy protection.

    You will have to do little research on the software package and also get to know about some specific software packages.


  2. Guest7047

    OR you could get games for free at:

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