How to deal with iPhone 3G Error 23 When You Charge Your iPhone

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My name is Jason Mitchell. Iam an engineering student and I live in London. I have purchased an iPhone 3 months ago. As I was downloading software in it, suddenly an error came up on my iPhone screen which was Error 23.I thought that the software of my iPhone got corrupt. I’m so much tensed about it as I have a very limited knowledge about iPhone .I’m not a tech savvy person. Kindly suggest me any solution please. How I can fix that error 23. Early answer will be appreciated.

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  1. selvester robin

     IPhone is the most efficient smart phone produced by an APPLE which is capable of handling number of task at the same time. It’s not a big problem to solve. Don’t be worry about that. It is fairly a very common error for iPhone user. Its solution is very easy and for that you don’t have to be nerd, geek, tech savvy or computer programmer. There is no rocket science required for that. All you need is common sense. I’m providing you a best method to fix it.

    1) Connect your iPhone to computer and turn it off by holding down the "Power" button on the top right-hand side of your phone.

    2) Reset your iPhone.

    3) Restore the files on your iPhone 3G by selecting i-tunes.

    4) Click on the "Restore" icon and then click on the "Back Up" button to save your music files from your iPhone 3 G to your computer. By selecting "OK" button, you can continue to restore your phone.

    5) Choose the option for "Set up Your iPhone." Then select the icon labeled "Restore from Back Up" to begin restoring the files from your iPhone smart phone.

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