How to exfoliate dry skin?

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My mom is a 40 years old lady, she has a very dry skin. I need to know the easy and quick process to exfoliate the dry skin. Please help.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Exfoliating is a process of your skin when you are gently rubbing your skin and eliminating the exterior layer of dead cells from your skin. This assists conceal fine lines, and adds a glow and shine to your skin. Once you start exfoliating frequently, you'll feel that you cannot live without.

    • Wet your body in the tub or shower.

    • Use a synthetic scrubbing sponge, exfoliating hand covers or gloves or a body loofah.

    • Put on an exfoliating cream to your skin or sprinkle it onto your sponge. Choose a gentle exfoliating cleanser with a label saying it's appropriate for dry skin.

    • Scrub the exfoliating cleanser over your skin using your sponge, gloves or loofah; make circular motions.

    • Be gentle over sensitive parts of the body, like delicate neck and thigh tissue.

    • Rinse skin thoroughly.

    • Follow up with a good moisturizer. Remember that exfoliating makes your already dry skin drier. Choose a lotion with alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids, or any favorite moisturizer made for dry skin."

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