How to fix Error 1611 for iPhone 3GS.

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Hello, Iam Tracy from United Kingdom. I recently purchased an iPhone from New York.  Yesterday, when I was updating my iPhone, suddenly, an error popped up on my screen named as error 1611. I got confused and shut it down instantly. I have a very little knowledge about iPhone as I am not a computer programmer or tech savvy. Kindly suggest me any method, how I can fix that error. I will be very thankful to you. Answer me as quickly as possible.

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  1. Leonardo

     Tracy, don’t be worry about that. It is fairly a very common error which almost every iPhone user faces. Its solution is very easy and for that you don’t have to be nerd, geek, tech savvy or computer programmer. There is no rocket science required for that. All you need is common sense. It mostly occurs, when you're updating or restoring your iPhone, when this error pops up the process may abruptly stop due to an error. Error 1611 is related to a hardware malfunction in most of the cases. Here is it solution:

    This error occurs ,when you are updating your iPhone . The simple solution to solve that problem is just to keep your softwares update to latest version including iTunes, your computer's operating system and your iPhone's operating system. If it cause due to restoration then , the  possible solution is to restore your iPhone to factory settings, erasing everything on the IPhone and then reinstalling the basic software. Sometimes there are other hardware issues also cause of that error 1611 such as firewalls, proxies, router firmware and virus detectors, can interfere with the syncing process disabling these softwares may allow the iPhone and iTunes to connect as normal.


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