How to fix a 3194 Downgrading Error

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I Have recently bought an iPhone a week ago from local mobile shop. Yesterday, when I was downgrading my device, a downgrading error came up on iPhone screen. I got confused and switched it off from till now. I’m so much tensed about it as I have recently purchased. Tell me how I can I fix that error. Kindly answer me as quickly as possible. I will be very thankful to you.

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  1. selvester robin

     Don’t be worry. Apple has specially build an iTunes which simply rollback iPods and iPads to their original factory conditions. It is very useful for correcting certain types of operating glitches. This error indicates that your iTunes “version is not eligible against the request you made. In simple words, iTunes and your device are not compatible. It’s not a big issue. Just by following these you will surely fix it.

    1) Open iTunes by connecting your iPod or iPad to your computer system with the help of USB cable, 

    2) Disconnect all the devices which are connected to computer system.

    3) Click “Help” or “iTunes” depending upon your system.

    4) Updating iTunes to the newest version by clicking on “Check for Updates.” According to Apples site, it is very beneficial for fixing error 3194. 

    5) After completing the above steps, click the Windows “Start” orb, type “Windows Update” into the blank start menu field, click the update icon, and click “Check for Updates “ and for MAC, process is different.

    6) Disable all firewalls and anti-virus protection .sometimes these security measures block iTunes and result in system restore error codes. 

    These steps will surely fix that error, otherwise you need to take the device in for maintenance for hardware incompatibility issues.


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