How to fix iPhone 3G from Restore Mode

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I have an iPhone 3 G which I purchased from London 4 months ago. Yesterday,   when I was restoring or updating my iPhone, it got stuck during restoration process.  Suggest me any solution how can i fix my iPhone from restore mode?  . Kindly help me as early as possible. I will be very grateful to you.

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  1. Leonardo

     It’s not a big issue to solve. It mostly occurs when you are restoring, updating or if your phone is in recovery mode. It frustrates you a lot to be very honest because once I face the same problem as well. Follow the following step given below to get your iPhone 3G back.

    1) The best and easiest step to fix your iPhone 3G back is to sync it to a different computer. By doing this the computer system will recognize it as a new device and install the software on it and treat it as it never been connected to it before. All you need is patience for that as it’s a time taking process.

    2)  If you succeeded in step 1, then you can easily sync it to your computer as well. It will recognize your iPhone in that manner that you have already synced it with another computer and ask you if you want to sync it to this one; just go ahead and do it. It will take some time because you will install the apps, data, and songs, etc. These steps will surely fix that problem.


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