How to fix the control board on a Frigidaire Refrigirator PLHS267ZDB2

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My actuator water broke on my fridge then i had to go buy a new one and all of my problems started then i had to go buy a connector for the power board and control board. When i connected all of it it still didn't work so i had to go buy a control board and it still doesnt work. On my control board three light are on and it doesnt work when i try to turn them off. One of the buttons that are always on is the ice maker and when i connect the control board to the power board the ice maker automatically starts to make ice and it starts to come out and it doesnt stop untill i plug it out.

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  1. amomipais82
    I know that Frigidaire was sending out the wrong control board in the correct box ( believe it or not it happened to me 2x ).. finally i had to call ELECTROLUX directly and had them send me the board direct to customer.. i believe that the 4 is because there is a wiring issue with one of the microswitches where the damper motor is and it will not allow the damper / control board to recognize "open" position .

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