How to get B.A. B.Sc. Annual Examination 2010 results from punjab university

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How to get B.A. B.Sc. Annual Examination  2010 results from punjab university. Like always the punjab university site is down and people can't seem to get the results; can anyone suggest a different way to get my results.

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  1. Guest2894
    The direct site maybe down due to only one punjab university server trying to serve the entire country but here is the direct link that can take you directly to the page where you need to enter your roll number.

  2. Guest8202 the other link no longer works
  3. Guest8920
    Just rely on google instead of punjab university.
  4. Guest4460
    my B.A Roll No.033473 show me result
  5. Guest5139
    yaar plz tell me my result my roll no is   161858
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