How to get Perfect Green Grass?

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My mom has highly coveted goal of the healthy, lush and Perfect Green Grass in lawn of our home. I need to know how to get Perfect Green Grass?

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    When nurturing for your lawn, set about the grass's wellbeing as you would any other plant. It needs distinct vigilance at distinct times of the year, and as asserted by your positions and weather, certain kinds of lawn will fare better than others. Sensitivity to your lawn variety's exact obligations will assist in holding it wholesome, lush and green.
    The perfect watering agenda for any lawn counts on the turf kind, the dirt texture and kind, the extent of the slash lawn and localized climate and climate. Therefore, it's unrealistic to propose a lone agenda as a general direct of thumb. Instead, founded on your lawn's specific situation, water as infrequently as likely, while still holding the lawn cutting-edges green and supple. If the lawn doesn't "bounce back" and you can glimpse footprints stay, it's time to water again. It's preferable to water very powerfully and less often, letting the water methodically soak into the soil. The deeper that water can soak into the dirt, the longer and hardier the lawn origins will grow. Avoid watering throughout noon, when you'll misplace some water to evaporation and wind.
    Though you may be tempted to slash your lawn very reduced, thereby mowing less often, managing so can really initiate much quicker development and put unwarranted tension on the grass. Adjust your lawnmower to 2 1/2 to 3 inches, or even higher as warm climate starts to set in. Lawns that augment higher can evolve more powerful, healthier, deeper origins, thereby enduring droughts better. Adjust your mowing agenda as asserted by the grass's health; for demonstration, throughout the driest and hottest components of summer, you shouldn't require mowing as often as throughout a rainy spring.
    Give your lawn the identical vigilance you'd give any other vegetation in your flower bed, down to holding it well-nourished. If you depart clippings on your lawn each time you mow, in numerous situations, they will supply adequate nutrients. Otherwise, request fertilizer with a balanced combine of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Of these three foremost nutrients, nitrogen is the most significant for green hue and lush growth. However, unwarranted nitrogen can origin thatch to construct up and can need that you mow more frequently.
    Grass Selection
    Selecting the right kind of lawn for your position is the key to sustaining a green and wholesome lawn. Take weather, precipitation and direct sunlight into account when choosing a species. For demonstration, in cooler climates, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and fine fescue augment particularly well. However, they are less tolerant of farthest heat or drought and they may proceed dormant throughout the hottest part of summer.

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