How to get a boy to notice and like you in 5th grade?

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Yea im a girl in 5th grade and i like a boy in my class. My friend sits by him and is his friend. They even pass notes in class. He smiles at me sometimes and talks to me but he has a girlfriend. One of my other friends knows that I like him and shes trying to talk him into asking me out. I dont want her to make him break up with his girlfriend because of me. A lot of boys think im pretty and talented for some reason, so I get asked out a lot. I think we like the same music and other things but i don't know. Ive never had a boyfriend or even liked a boy before! I'm also new at my school. I know this is a lot of Info but I really want help! Thanks! :)

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  1. Guest3765
    i think u should just be urslef

  2. Guest7081
  3. Guest9989
    well i think that you should just be your self and maybe if you are brave tell him you like him our aks him out
  4. Guest4360
    do stuff that he likes to do with him (ex: video games)
  5. Guest9854
    I like a boy in my school 2, im in 5th grade. i waz new at my skool last year. And i just liked him 4 his looks but i focused on who he was and i rlly like him. heres a trick name 5 things u knoe about him. I ive close so i dnt talk to him cuz h**l think im stalking him i talk to him once in a while. (if u wnt) have 2 tell him u like him!!!!!!! its as simple as tht! i also need help on how to get him to like me! and (btw i did do the 5 things i knoe about him trick!) hope this helped <3!
  6. Guest6989
    I like a boy in my school 2, im in 5th grade. i waz new at my skool last year. And i just liked him 4 his looks but i focused on who he was and i rlly like him. heres a trick name 5 things u knoe about him. I ive close so i dnt talk to him cuz h**l think im stalking him i talk to him once in a while. (if u wnt) have 2 tell him u like him!!!!!!! its as simple as tht! i also need help on how to get him to like me! and (btw i did do the 5 things i knoe about him trick!) i tht he liked this girl and i waz SO jealous turns out she didnt like him back and she was rlly nice! hope this helped <3!
  7. Guest9816
    I like a boy in my school 2, im in 5th grade. i waz new at my skool last year. And i just liked him 4 his looks but i focused on who he was and i rlly like him. heres a trick name 5 things u knoe about him. I ive close so i dnt talk to him cuz h**l think im stalking him i talk to him once in a while. (if u wnt) have 2 tell him u like him!!!!!!! its as simple as tht! i also need help on how to get him to like me! and (btw i did do the 5 things i knoe about him trick!) i tht he liked this girl and i waz SO jealous turns out she didnt like him back and she was rlly nice! hope this helped <3!
  8. Guest3575
    just walk up to him and sit close to to him but dont tell him you like when he looks at you.when he gives you a joke laugh pretty.look great for school.walk in the class like you are modeling everyday.try to be popular when you are around him.go to P.E in your p.e skirt.twirl your hair around your finger when he is watching you.try to be smart.answer questions in school.when your friends are eating with him eat with him to.keep watching him in class with a smile.then he will start liking you
  9. Guest8923
    im in 5th grade and im new too. we joke around alot and i think he heard about me having the most powerful pinch in the class so yesterday my weird friend put her hand on my shoulder for something. he was like rite there so he busted out laughing. i just looked at him and he said i didnt meen anthing!! he was so cute wen he said that! lol we tlk and stuff in class too and i think he may like me cuz he looks @ me alot and stuff. hes very funny and so am i. i actually dont no if i like him or not. when im in line next to him i feel goofy i really dont no. i need help on how i no if a guy likes me. thnx
  10. Guest6648
    I like a boy and im in 5th grade just ask your friends to help you get closer to him like ask them to scoot over so u can sit by him thats what i did and it worked just dont let anyone over hear you or it will spred trust me it happens.
  11. Guest7172
    hi like a boy in my class we used to sit rite next 2 eachother but our teacher moved us 4 star testing. i found out that about a month ago he liked me but now he likes 1 of my bfs and she doesnt liked him back he plays foot ball,track,basket ball i really like him i dont tell any of my friends that tho and 1 of my friends asked him if he wanted 2 go out with marissa thats me and he said no but that makes no sense if he likes me PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
  12. Guest9793
    im in 5th grade and i like this boy i do everything to get him to notice me but before i started to wear jewlery and balm he used to stare and smile at me (secritly)and he was mean to me. we were so alike he loved sports like soccer hockey baseball softball basket ball. like a month ago i found out he liked me so when a boy is staring at u constintly and is mean and smiles at u that mean to u that means he likes u or u have something in ur teeth. good luck on ur crush
  13. Guest5229
    i'm almost in 5th grade my crush is in 5th grade his name is brenden i try all the time to try to make him like me he said he did a little wiel ago but i just need some helpppppppppppppppppppppppp
  14. Guest6469
    There's this boy in my class that I admire! I'm in 5 grade too but the people in my grade don't ask people out yet.I love his personality. The thing is, he hangs out with alot of popular boys and, well, lets just say that I'm not so popular. In my grade, the poular girls and boys seem to always pay attention to eachother. Though, this boy that I love sits right across from me in math and when I'm doing work, sometimes I glance at him and almost everytime he is glancing at me too. He also used to be in my Lit. Circle group and we always sat next to eachother in every meeting. We also talk to eachother in class too. When he talks to me, I just love to look at his gorgeous blue eyes and I don't want him to stop talking. Oh, and by the way, he is the biggest troublemaker. He has a friend and they are big troublemakers. But, sometimes I think what they do is funny. Oh, and alot of the girls think he is really annoying, but I don't. I think he's the perfect match for me, and he has never been mean to me and I have never been mean to him, we just seem to like eachother. Do you think he really loves me?
  15. Guest5461
    Boys are always DRAMATIC I don't know why it's for some reason like most of them always says the same thing i wish i could go it there mind and see what they are think about you or another girl we girls always have these problems
  16. Guest9394
    There's this boy in the other class we used to be in the same class but i really really thinks he likes me he always tells me hi and how i am doing u dont know what i am going through he is constanly saying he likes this girl in church come on make up ur mind boys girls here are some tips to look and feel beautiful
    : Eats lots of fruits and vegetables
    : Get fresh air
    : Be confident this is the key to get a guy to notice u
    We all have boy problems I dont know why like I'm really trying to get this boy to like me i  will do whatever it takes he is so cute and dreaming most girls find him annoying and weird but i dont i think we are perfect for each other i know how to make him feel better we both have a talent sing and dancing together we are friends but i wish he knew how i really felt about him bye girls good luck
  17. Guest483
    Don't confront him...Let him come after you...try to bump into him on "accident"....That is exactly what I did but I did bump into him on accident...I've had two bfs in this year..I'm in fifth grade too..but I went out with the same guy twice broke up with him twice too..thye other was nice a complete awesome guy but to me he was just too good of a friend and it didn't feel right..
  18. Guest368
    Always smile, where cute outfits, don't be shy, talk and site next to him at lunch, and be nice. Cause well... he asked me out today!!! So do the info's I gave you cause it will happen to you.

                                  Not in front of his friends!
  19. Guest4530
    Always smile, where cute outfits, don't be shy, talk and site next to him at lunch, and be nice. Cause well... he asked me out today!!! So do the info's I gave you cause it will happen to you. Never ever do anything embarassing
    in front of him or his friends... so... watch who you are next to. His name is Kris. And my adnidsials are HJK.

                                                Good Luck!!!
  20. Guest5932
    hi im in 5th grade i have a boy i like he is verry nice every time the teacher moves him beside me he goes no miss. but then he starts to talk to me he plays guitar so i started to play guitar and sayd i played guitar too.he likes rock music so i say i like rock music. then the teacher moves him away from me. then he sits beside my friend and starts talking to her"thats where the teacher moves him"he starts talking to her so i start to feel jealus. i tell him that he lookes like he likes her and he says its just that she is beside me so i think that he likes me or enya my best friend. there is a mean teacher in my scool and she has a rule that no eating snack so i see him eating a snack so i start eating a snack and now we ended up having deatention togerter"nobody was waching us".
    tips 1 say that u like that game if he does/movie 2 become his friend 3 if u think he likes u go and get him.he started to wear converses so i did i relly think he likes me.
  21. Guest5291
    SOMEBODY PLEASE ANSWER ME IM CONFUSED. I like this boy in my grade and a month ago i found out that he liked me and thats when i liked him so for some reason when i heard he liked me i stopped liking him. at school that month he flirted with me but instead of flirting back i always backed away. he stopped liking me and now has sided with this really mean kid and i think he likes my good friend and not me. now i like him and he doesn't. whenever i try to fix it, i always do something really stupid. He used to look at me in class and only me and evryone new that he liked me. now i feel like crying and listening to teardrops on my guitar all day. what do i do to fix it whenever i am myself i mess it up and when im not myself he thinks im wierd
  22. Guest8881
    i love this boy in my class and he is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.but my problem is that he is emo.i like him so much and sometimes i cry cuz i think he does not like me back.
  23. Guest6363
    Idon't know why, but there is this really dumb guy in this class and he liks me, he even admitted it himself, and tried to hug me on the last day of school. I guess boys like regular girls not fat, not skinney. Not flirty but not to jerkish. It's true be who you are. There is another boy in my class that i like, his name is Bill, and he likes me too. Alot of boys like me(not boasting). But i am sort of a talk back to the teacher kind of girl. Not the teachers pet. Boys hate that. There is is girl who is the teachers pet and every boy hates her though she is pretty and nice. Anyways
    1. Be yourself
    2. don't try to get a boy, just act confident and cool when you are around  him (not talking to him but when he sees you).
    3. Don't stare, it makes him think that you are a jerk and loves him. boys like girls who like not loves him
    4. Believe me i am so good at getting boys though i hate alot of them especailly the g*y ones.

    anyways good luck and again, believ me this works in all schools all grades.
  24. Guest46
    hi i dont now............................
  25. Guest7658
    well i like a boy in 5 grade to but noticed me before so i said hi and he started talking to me we became best friends then we moved it up to the nexed level we became boyfriend and girlfriend so just a tip for u go say hi dont be afraid he probably likes u back u never no till u go ask him im still with him im in 7 grade now so just smile say hi                                                                                                                  ps. have a good time good luck
  26. Guest9524
    k i am a 10 year old and i am going in fifth grade and i like this guy in my class and i don`t know if he likes me ? But i do like him i don`t even know if he noties me and he has a girlfriend i hate her but i act nice to her i am trying to do my best but its so hard i can`t help it i think he thinks that i am ugly but he looks at me a lot but i don`t know what that means? PLEASE HELP ME HERE please post a comment !!!
    comment me on here and on facebook!
  27. Guest7019
    make up funny jokes and don't try 2 get him 2 like u bcause ur only gonna embaress urself.i targeted one boy and tryd 2 like me more cause he alredy liked me i think.ive never been asked out before ever and im freaked out that i wont be in his class this year!not only freaked out 2 ask him out and also that he'll like somebody else!pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help me!wat shood i do?
  28. Guest1505
    just be you.i know this because im  in 5th and i tried it so, tell him i wnt to get to know you better nice i want to know how to get a boy to stop looking at my b***s brb.:D:DLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Guest5649
    I need to know too i am also in 5th [ well going into 5th] I like this boy andi really need to know!
  30. Guest6391
    i'm a girl a girl in 5th grade and i REALLY LIKE this guy in my class but every girl in the school has foling 4 him and i don't like a player but i do like him i think about him day and night and every time i see him i blush he does look at me sometimes and sometimes he even leans back if his neighbor is in the way my friends say he's a jerk but i told them i like him yesterday but they don't like that idea so much. :( i think he likes me too but i don't know i want to be more than friends but we dont even talk to each other the only time i ever talked to him was today we were playing 7up and when he taped the other persons  shoulder he walked beside me and stood there but this would be my first boyfriend or four that matter crush/love on a person should i wait four him to say he likes me to my face or should i tell him or should i just flirt with him or what?
  31. Guest3853
    theres this boy in my class and he is super cute but he dosent even know i like him  how do i get him to notice me,kiss me or ask me out!!!!!
  32. Guest1245
    Sometimes I think the best way to get a guy to notice me is to be myself.  If he is going to like me, it will be as I am, and not try to put up a fake self.  The one thing that it will take is patience.  Patience for me to wait til he says hi, and patience for him to get up the nerve to say hi. In the meantime, hang out with friends, enjoy recess and lunch, and be a happy and fun person, ... myself....
  33. Guest3608
    i know its hard but this boy is osmany perez he is the cuttest in the class and he asked me out last year and now he likes my friend wat should i do
  34. Guest9012
    i know its hard but this boy is osmany perez he is the cuttest in the class and he asked me out last year and now he likes my friend wat should i do
  35. Guest9162
    well im in the 5th and i reallly like this boy in my class and he knos that i like him and i kno that he likes me this is how i found out if he likes me:i have a best friend and the boy i like and my bff are really close froends he tells her everything and he told her that he likes me and so my bff told me soo we talk alot and hang out alot!!!!!
  36. Guest779
    If u like his boy ask him out duhh
  37. Guest9442
    but first hes hot and the whole school likes me i dont know if he likes me
  38. Guest4118
    i really dont know what to do put hes the cutest boy in the school and im sorta the shy girl with not a lot of friends uve been tryin to get closer to him and its sorta working a little but i doubt it will start something im just sooo confused and i really wanna find out if he likes me!!!!!!!! ive been thinkin about it a lot............
  39. Guest6103
    ok this is the stupidest s**t ive ever heard
  40. Guest1418
    Follow my steps and believe in me, trust me, it works, ( I and my group have done it!)

    1. Be yourself, He should know what personality you have,
    2. Agree on the same things, He will see that you have things in common.
    3. Laugh at his jokes, even is he is not that funny.
    4. Dont let him know you are interested.
    5. Be Irresistible
    6. Talk alot on what you have in common.
    7. If he is alone just wave or somethin.
    8. Good luck on the  rest!
  41. Guest7437
    I am 10 and i like guy becase we hav a lot of things in comon. he really nice and i want to now how to get HIM to notice me. i think hes cute and he dosent hav a girlfrend.all my frends hav boyfrends so i want one. nobody has ever liked me befor and wen the othr guys i likd new i likd them, they insulted me. i havnt told anyone yet. i dont lik holding a secret in. ny frends are big-time BLABBERMOUTHS!!!! i cant stand them. need advice!!!!!!!!!!! plz coment
  42. Guest6036
    well i dont know much but you try to be yoursel around him are where hoop eringings boys notice u i  dont like boys there cut e but i dont  well actully do but he prob dont like me so thats all i know
  43. Guest4914
    well i dont know much but you try to be yoursel around him are where hoop eringings boys notice u i  dont like boys there cut e but i dont  well actully do but he prob dont like me so thats all i know girls they are looking for love iam i want one to but u cent get them good theres girls at my school that are pretter than me but dont let that stop u
  44. Guest9102

    Just be yourself if he likes you he'll ask you out. But if he dosent really notice you kinda flirt with him like flip your hair when your near him or sit next to him on day and make a converstation. Trust me im 10 and i have a boyfriend

  45. Guest1088

    I like a 5th Grade boy to.Also I have to sit next to him. My friend she liked this really cute boy if he liked her he said yes. And now their Boyfriend and Girlfriend and also they talk alot. Alot of boy's like me. They say I'm pretty. Bou I think I'm uuuugly.But the boy I sit next to he stares at me. He looks at the corner of his eye just to look at me. My friend says she's jelouse because she liked him last year.Still does (a little bit) so I hope this note works so did what my friend did ask him if he like's you don't be afraid. Trust yourself. Trust me.  

  46. Guest8667

    I like a boy in fifth grade and i've known him for almost three years so when we finally hit the fifth grade he started wanting to spend more time with me which was okay with me.finally one day like last week he said when we taking our daily walks around school(just me and him) if i would consider going out with him an di said i was feeling like asking the same question and we hugged. now everyday he walks me home and we hug and hold hands so i hope my advice helps.

    don't ask him wait for him to ask

  47. Guest1438

     listen i like one 2 and im in 5th grade~ but wen at my friends house i found out he noticed i never looked him in the eye~cause i liked him. just liv ur life and c wut happens 

  48. Guest7601

     I am in 5th grade too. I only dated someone once and eeeew,it was gross. I don't think you should date because your not going to stay together all your life.

  49. Guest5958

    Just be yourself! They should like you for what you are.

  50. Guest9563


  51. Guest4780

    i like this boy and he is so cute  and i need to find out a way to get him to notice me he talks to me sometimes and 2 days ago my friend went up to him and told him that i like him and another of my friends was right in frount of me and told  him the same thing and every time they told him he he turned and looked at me and smilied i dont know if he likes me or what and never tell your friend who your secert crush is

  52. Guest1739

     I also like a cute boy but i sit next to him. I'm in 5th grade. I get super nervous sometimes , we pass notes and smile and yet we tell on each other,too. I just say hi every once in a while or kick him ( it works because he laughs) so far its working, maybe you can try, but me yourself too. goodluck

  53. Guest9740

    I also like a boy in my class. I am not sure if he likes me but we r really good friends. Anyway u should just b ur self and just start by saying hi. Then just ask what he likes. Then tell him wat u like. U have a good life. God bless :)


  54. Guest8844

    OMG im in 5th grade to .there is a totaly HHHHOOOTTTTTTT boy in my class.the word got out that i liked him now he knows.:( totally inbarised.he says he has a girl friend but he broke up with her and called her a mother *******. i wounder if he really likes me.we have so much in commen.he said my purfume :) :) :) :):):):):)

  55. Guest2217

    sorry i ment he said my purfume smelled good

  56. Guest7019

     I am soo scared i sit next to this guy in class and i really like him but my frind said that on the bus he called me a b***h fat and a crybaby. What do i do???

  57. Guest4645

    I like this boy in my class, but my friend also likes him. I'm not mad about it, I actually thought that it was kind of funny. He's very kind, and I think that he looks nice.

    How do I get him to notice me?

    Question: What is with the spelling?

  58. Guest2295

    don't worry i had the same problem and eventully once liked him for a while he starts to notice you and then that's when u know he likes u then that's when u want to get him to ask u out. but really how u know he llikes u if he talkes to different from other girls during class. and trust me if your friend knew u had a crush on a boy she wouldn'ttry to steal him from u. :) ;)

  59. Guest3911

    i an a 5th grader like u. i say give them gifts and be nice to them. don't do stupid stuff and don't brage. do not kiss thim you could get him mad.say good job if he wins somthing.

  60. Guest4179

    i an a 5th grader like u. i say give them gifts and be nice to them. don't do stupid stuff and don't brage. do not kiss thim you could get him mad.say good job if he wins somthing.

  61. Guest3535

    Like every one else I am a fifth grader too. Here's my story. Okay my friend told me that a guy in my class liked me(since 2nd grade!) So the next day at school I looked up from my book and saw him nonstop staring at me. Iquickly looked back at my book. Days past same thing going on so we decided to exchange numbers. I wrote mine down first but right when I finished they called me on the pa(public address).I had to go. Later I got a text from him saying hi and that started a small conversation then he asked if we could be BF GF (for thoose who don't know what bf gf is it means BoyFriend GirlFriend) So i say sure and then he just says lets be friends. What is up with That?! So months pass no staring and starts to like a different girl but this isn't the smart girl he likes i'm talking ms.prissy prissy who is bossy,annoying,never shutting up,make her parents do all her homework for her Mary Kate. She thinks she is everything because her mom is a teacher at the same school.He pulls the same stuff on her no number though. It's just better of studying than falling for stuff like that.

  62. Guest1552

    do stuff he wants to do. he will notise in a day or 2. and if you are a very hiper girl  or tomboy he will hate you. so i would recoment 2 take him on a date he dosent know where it is like cutheadrall caverns, its a big cave and at the end of the cave thay tern out the lights and thats your chance, go right 2 him and give him a BIG KISS! thank you good night!


  63. Guest4575

    i don't know

  64. Guest8898

    My story is that at the end of the school year last year I liked this boy in my class that I knew since second grade and that was in fourth grade. So this year my freind, me, and him were in the same class and they started dating but she didn't like him she was using him.So she wouldn't be alone. Then I told my other freind I liked him and she tried to get us together. but I told her not to even though we do liked each other.And now everyday around reading and math class we both stare at each other.But the odd thing is that while I'm looking at my freind while she is talking to me I can she him looking at me becAuse he sits between the both of us. and sooner or later my freind is going to brake up with him just so i can date him. Kinda Nice huh

  65. Guest2403

    Hi im a fifth grader and i like this boy in Iowa who was one of my friends last year and then he moved! I hate it when the boy i like moves it has happened ever since pre-k >:-( !!!!!!!!!! I love his name and a lot of people make fun of his lastname :his lastname is Licklider: I like it and a lot of people say lickalider i punched the last kid who said that last year and i dont kno what 2 do to get him to come back and like me back.

  66. Guest4368

    im a girl in 5th grade and this boy hes always nice to me i just dont know what 2 do his name is dustin i kinda dont feel the same way

  67. Guest5108

    if he has a girlfriend get the girl to breakup with him get his phone number and text him then a school start hanging out then he will like you and ask uout but change how youi look like put on lip gloss and earings wear skirts with long socks and you will go out


  68. Guest5043

    I`m in 5th grade and actually i asked him out... he said no but i know to keep trying! Maybe try that.... and be yourself.

  69. Guest8358

    dude... seriously? 5th grade? ur kinda 2 young u shud wait... but anyways i shudnt b talking i got my first boyfriend and kiss in second grade..... ok so like im in seventh grade so like not 2 b conceited but u shud probably listen 2 my advice first..... k so i think u shud probably wait a little while first cuz like u said he has a gf so its kinda S****y 2 b flirting with other peoples bfs and yea just try 2b friends need 2 rush it.... .cuz dude..... ur like..what? 9 or10? yea........ just dont get 2 far ahead cuz ur 2 young and all the othr grls r gonna think ur a s**t......but yea.......go for it homegrl!!!!!!<3<3<3:P:] 

  70. Guest9844

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  71. Guest5898

    Okay I liek this guy and I'm in the fifth garde too. He knows that I liek him nd he was avoiding me and wouldn't talk to me. Now he understands what really happened  and he said that we're friends but he's really shy and i want to become closer firends with him... what shoudl I do?

  72. Guest1029

     im also in fifth grade and i like this boy but i do not know if he likes me... he sumtimes smiles and looks at me and he comes up to me sometimes and asks me to give him a high five lol but also sumtimes he ignores me and doesn't even look at me...

    i don't know, does that mean he likes me or not? im kinda shy and i don't talk to him alot and we are in different classes and only see each other occasionally... what should i do? help please? ive never had a boyfriend before and i kinda want one and hes just so adorable and i dont know what to do... help!

  73. Guest9998

    i like a boy, too. He is really cute. He has only been at my school for at least 3 months now.And guess what, he at least dated 6 GIRLS.Plus one of those girls is my worst enemie.Mady.Also he is in my table right next to me. I get so nervous.When i get nervous i feel like i am sweeting but i am NOT!!!! Can someone help me

  74. Guest4519

    Alright everyone, this is an eighth grader talking. I've read almost every post, and I think all of you fifth graders should calm down. I had a crush in fifth grade too, but I learned to live and moved on. Now I'm good friends with the guy. I've realized that when you're young and you get crushes, you end up becoming good friends with those guys later on. It's like this: when you're in the fourth or fifth grade and you start feeling all happy and sweet and in love around someone, it's just your mind telling you that this is a nice guy, and you should be friends. So listen to your mind when it talks to you. That warm funny feeling you get inside your stomach when he's around does not mean you are meant to be married. You're still young. You have to wait until you are much older to find true love; I mean college old. So if you think you're in love again, ask yourself: am I going to still be in love with him in a year? The answer will most likely be no. If it's yes, find out why. Is it because he makes you feel special? Because you want to die in his arms? Not good enough. True love needs to be deep; you have to connect with the guy on so many levels.Trust me, when you think you're in love again, become friends. Don't push it. Be friends.

  75. Guest7702

    i really like this boy in my class i am new at skool i just moved about 3 weeks ago and we got pared up to do a prodject with me him and 3 other people and there were choices to do something and we agreed on everything and if i we started talking and he looks down and he is shy. this girl in my class told me that she heard that he liked me and on my 4th day i still hadnt talked to him and my friend sed that he asked her 2 c*m get me becuz he wanted to meet me pleaz help me

  76. Guest3159

    Theres a boy in my class i am new and every time i look up he is staring at me. My frend sed that he had a HUGE crush on me and i asked him and he sed no he kinda laughed and wlked away and iam frends with his best frend and his frend asked him 4 me if he liked me and the boy sed he did what do i do o im 11


  77. Guest1489

    Everyone, I'm In Fourth Grade And I KNOW That You Guys Are Acting Like Idiots. If You Get Nervous Just Take A Breath And Think. Your Going To Have To Get The The Guts To Talk To Him Someday. But I'll Give Ya'll Some Advice. I Like A Boy, And Whenever I Think About Him I'm Like..Walking On Air. Now That Was In 3rd Grade, Then WE MOOVE ALONG TO 4TH. Hes Not In My Class. A Girl Pops Into The Picture. Look, I Understand Guys. You Guys Sometimes Have To Learn How To Suck It Up, And Move On. Trust Me..Or Else If You Go By Too Fast In Life You Honestly Never Know What Could Happen..

  78. Guest4555


  79. Guest4074

     ok im in 5 grade too and i like a boy  we talk for like a half hour and we texed a lot but he has a gf 

  80. Guest9953


  81. Guest226

    You know he likes you if he pays more attention to you than to his Girlfriend. If so, take it easy. Make it seem like you DONT like him because im in 5th grade too and i let my secret get out and.... wasnt so fun lets just say that.

  82. Guest4386

    If you really like him you should just ask him but if your shy ask you frind to see if he likes you


  83. Guest5354

     i am in fifth grade and really like a guy too!!!!! he is really cute and dont know how to get him to like me......its so hard being young. 13 isnt that far away!!

  84. Guest6850

    I am 11 and there is this boy in my class that I really like. He is the only thing I think about all day. i just moved about a month and a half ago and my first day of skool there he was gone  and one of his friends said that he had a mole  on his face so i thought he would be a dork but when i came the next day i saw him and he was sooooooooooo cute and at recess that day his best friend came over to me and she sed that he wanted to meet me and i didnt want to becuz ithoguth he was cute so i was shy but ever since that day he is always staring at me and there is this girl that is his friend but she is kinda weird but she was talking ti him and he sed he needed a girlfriend and she cam over to me and asked me if i liked him and if i would go out withhim i dont know of he asked her to come over to me or she just wanted to

  85. Guest2578



    ------THE DOCTOR OF LOVE<3------

  86. Guest8324

    well i feel the same way just get to know in fifth grade too lots ofboys like me out side of school so they ask meout too .Just be his friend mabye he will like u someday.Like this boy i like i found out he likes me too.And after 2 years of this school i found out he likes me. So all u have to do is be his friend mabye in 2 years or2 weeks u will get a new  bf

  87. Guest3819

    Ok. I Get It. I'm In The 5th Grade Too. It's so weird, because some of the guys at my school are mature and like girls but girls, don't like them. Others Hate Girls. And this guy I like Everyone says either "Omg You Like Him? I Heard He's g*y!" or "He's such a jerk why do you like him?" Mostly i beleived none of it. And The hole Maturity Level On HIm Is Hard To Find. But One Peice of Advice Don't Waist Your Time Loving a Guy In ELEMENTARY SCHOOL wait and befreind as many boys that know him as fast as you can. The more guy- Friends you have the better chance you have at having him as your Bf.

    But, Back To my Guy. He Stared At me For like A Week Or Two And I smiled back even though we wer'ent friends AT ALL I never realized he was dropping hits of him liking me too.


    WATCH BODY LANGUE & Leave Signs If He doesn't respond, Wait 




    But, If he does Ask You Out SAY YES AND BE HAPPY =)



    ---Hoplessly In Love (sorta hehe)---


  88. Guest3838

    hey i like this (so adorible cute dreamy) kid in my class i really like him but idk if he likes me............HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Guest487

    i like a boy in my class in 5th grade his is so cute if you like a boy first became his friend when I talked to him I got really scared don't act scared. try to impress him then talk to him but don't show off. Don't wait for him to ask you out ask him if you want to go out. hope you like my info.Muost important be yourself never be someone your not. 

  90. Guest4900

    Hi im like u alittle! Um... i wuz at mynannys house and we were doin that Quiji board thing that answers ur questions and i asked wat grade ill have a bf and it said "six" and im in 5th so its pretty close!!! So i asked it some names....... Nolan "no" Dalton "no" so finally i asked it

    "wats the 1st letter of his name?" it said "W" so i asked it "is his name Wyatt?" and i said "YES!"

    Wyatt is a really cute boy in my class i sit beside him and hes ALWAYS smiling at me and weve been hangin out alot and he takes up for me wen some body picks on me!

    so i think the Quiji board wuz right!!!!!! oh and it said in december DO NOT ASK HIM NOW WAIT UNTIL DECEMBER IF U ASK HIM OUT NO HE IS LIKELY TO SAY "NO" , SO, I HOPE U LIKE THIS AND IM SAYING (BUY A QUIJI BOARD)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Guest5221

    well......i am in 5th grade but i really like this guy and he will smile at me at times but he is always with his friends and i want to ask him out but......he wont listen and his locker is RIGHT next to mine and i wanted to stick my cell # in his locker but it will make me sound despret and if i do get a boyfriend or him before april 16th i have to invite him to my party and it is at a bowling plc and i can  hardly pick up a bowling ball and he will try to help me!!!!!that was off topic tho what i am trying to say is i need help and like almost every boy likes me but him and it sucks and i am in 5th grade middle school for anybody with a problem like mine i have  answer :you get ur friend to ask his friend to ask u out or have his friend to tell him u had nothing to do with this  and she likes you and the person i will have them do it will bug him 4eve and then he will ask me but i got my hair cut and i cant do much with it and so i will do this monday

  92. Guest7032

     hey i am in the 5th  grade  and i need some help i like this guy named austin   but when i asked my friends to see if he likes me they come back and say that he said he doesnt but just today  my friend came up to me and  wispered in my ear so he doesnt hear  that he said that he like me a tad  but not to where he would date me    and the truth is i am not a girly girl i dont go wearing pink and acting  selfish but not all girly girls are  i am a tomboy  i feellike it fits me beter but lets get back on track ..  i  went to school with my hair down   and acted like my self  but i was being a girlygirl was that the right thing to do??? what do i do  i am in  major love with him  i mean i would kiss him but thats nasty  can u  hep me get him to like me


  93. Guest833

    i really like a boy named Jared his locker is right next to myne he likes me but i dont have the guts to ask him out hes my type and hes really cute jared is taller than me and were only 4 feet tall Jared likes me and he stares at me in class he didnt ask me out yet Im in 5th grade













  94. Guest1751

    well you should tell him what your so called  'friend' is trying to do, and tell him how you feel and what you see in him.

  95. Guest476

    Hi I love this guy but he is not in my class he is so cute but he has a girl friend and he smiles at me and laughs at my jokes and I don't know how to talk to him?


  96. Guest1220

    I know I like a boy named matt in my class he's really cute but i asked him out and he already has a girlfriend and I hate her her name is emily she is the most popular girl in the school i overherd matt talking and he said he hopes him and emily will get married I almost cried he would never fall for a stoupid girl like me

  97. Guest4817
    Well I also like a boy in my fifth grade class named Adrian and he is so cute but I asked my friend to ask him out for me and she said that his reply was ew no. I dont know if he was too afraid to say yes in front of her or if that was his real answer. Please reply to help me.
  98. Guest8506

    hey  i like this boy named nic he goes to my church and is really cute so one sunday nyte i asked him out in txt he said no i said y he said he does really like me but we never see each other so i said ok but thats not who im worried about there is  this boy i like his nameis jacob he is so hot my friends like him but i told them that he is ugly & a couple of times the seceret almost got out but ireally really like him but he likes me to but as a friend but i need someones help and advice usally im the one who gives advice but now i need someone elses HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  99. Guest7650

    scince your new and you like him maybe ask him to show u around  a little bit more  if he's not interested maybe u can b his friend hope i helped:-)

  100. Guest4162

    Well, I am in 5th grade and I like a guy. Although he likes someone else, I take it step by step with him, Just be a good friend and be yourself. Dont be someone your not just to get a guy

  101. Guest7594

    well there is this boy in my class and me and my friend both like him. i get mixed signals from him a lot! sometimes he laughs at my jokes and i think, yes! hes intrested in me but other times i feel like he is intrested in my friend. ugh, im just so confused....

  102. Guest2739

    I posted this last year, before we had started talking. I'm now in sixth grade and he's in two of my classes. We text and talk on the phone everyday, although he has a current girlfriend. We did, however, go out last year. It was on St. Patrick's day, we were passing notes in history class, and he called me beautiful and then it went on from there. About a month later, I broke up with him, but I regret ever making that choice; he's the one person I come back to, nobody can replace him. I was afraid he's break my heart, but he has showed me that he is better than that. I wish I never said "It's over", those two words changed my life forever. </3 

  103. Guest3688

    im in 6th grade i have a crussh on a boy in 5th grade he is cute and always smilling at me and he always dont stop staring at me i kind of like him but when ever we talk i have 2 start the conversation dont know why and i have 2 talk to hime when he walks alone not playing with him friends case im shy from the and the will get jelous if i dated him or talked 2 him case he has green eyes and i have blue  eyes and most of the boys are going crazy about me what do i do when i talk 2  him he dont stay still he have 2 walk back and force and go everywhere but i like him a lot so please help plzzz i need ur help 2 be friends with is always quite and dont talk to other girls execpt me i sware im the only girl he talks to please help.

  104. Guest500

    be yourself but flirt dont be to flirty i have the same problem too with a guy named trey flip your hair and twirl it make him know how you are it hasnt worked for me but mabee you

  105. Guest7397

     i really liked this boy in 5th now im going into 6th. his name was dakota and my dumb sister told him in 4th grade and he just smiled and now he keeps inviteing me to his baseball games and i want to go but my other friends really likes him. ps there neighbors so when i go to her gouse he comes over.

  106. Guest7241

    omg!! u guys r SO right! im going into fifth grade and there is this boy austen that i think i love! ive had a crush on him sice first grade. hes so cute, strong and nice! but he likes my enemy and i dont know what to do. can anyone help me?


  107. Guest4359

    i am in 5th grade and it was my first day.there was this boy named Kevin and he is really cute.he likes to make me laugh and likes to draw funny picturesto make me laugh in class but i am still not sure if he really likes me.we both go to the same school and the same apartment and class.we meet in this thing called fun five day club and his friend Jake kepted on staring at me and i like him but i still really like kevin.P.S plz don't say just be your self that will never never work.

  108. Guest2610

    Hey ppls I have a crush and i am in fifth grade and we are really good friends and if i tell him i like him i don't wanna ruin r friendship and then if we brk up then we will have awkwardness whenwe tlk plz help i am desparate and if this helps I am also te hottest sexiest most popular girl because one of my guy friends that is not super cute told me that they had a fan club for girls and they voted me for that stuff plus the cute guys friend follos me like a sick puppy always giving me his phone number but man can that guy be a jerk yesterday he beat up nine ppl in just the morning

  109. Guest37

    I'm just like you! There's this boy that sits across from me and he's really cute... And his Girlfriend just broke up with him, and I was going to break up with my boyfriend, but then he broke up with me last Friday because it "Wasn't working out.." as all guys say.. and I was like, fine. But later that day I was like, "WOOHOO!!!BOOYAHH!!!Now I don't have to break up with him and now I can go to the dance with whoever I want to and now I can ask that guy outt!!!" And I had never broke up with a guy before and I need help on how to ask the guy I like out to the School Dance! I thought about writing him a note asking him out but I don't know. I think he likes me.. Does anyone have any ideas?!?!

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