How to get duplicate certificate of Box Hill institute?

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I have lost my Box Hill Institute certificate. Can someone tell me that how to get duplicate certificate of Box Hill institute?

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  1. Guest7518
    A certificate is an official award that is issued when you have completed all the requirements for a particular qualification.  A certificate does not list your results.
    You may apply for a replacement award or certificate by completing an Application for Replacement Award/Certificate form and sending it with a fee of $70 to:
    Student Administration, Box Hill Institute
    Private Bag 2014, Box Hill VIC 3128, Australia
    Alternatively you can request a Statement of Completion which is official letter written on Institute letterhead, it does not list your results.  The cost of a statement of completion is dependent on the turnaround time you require.  Up to 21 days - $12, 5 days - $20 and 24 hour - $40. You may apply for a statement of completion by submitting Request for Completion Statement form.

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