How to get rates for shipping of furniture on eBay?

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Hi there!
I was wondering if anybody could please help me get rates of shipment for my furniture on eBay so that I can make up my mind. Actually, I want to buy some furniture from eBay, so please tell me how I can get rates of shipment? Your kind help will enable me to compare rates of ebay with the others I am currently in contact. Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Guest1378

    Well, EBay is one of the globally biggest markets online, as it profits users, purchasers and even sellers on daily basis. In the midst of an auction-type market proposing items and goods of any kind, agreements are certain to be discovered by most. The cost of merchandise along with shipping charges often boosts the allowance of cash required for buying furniture. Although, such charges may not habitually be clear-cut or conspicuous to numerous customers, yet eBay boasts a shipping calculator to assist clear the secret of such furniture shipping costs. Please follow these tips to get to know how to get rates for furniture shipping on eBay:

    a. Sign up for an eBay account in order to access related shipping center of the website.

    b. Bang on the link offering Shipping Calculator at the starting paragraph.

    c. Type in the mass of your product that needs shipping by entering it into the relevant tabs or simply utilizing the drop down menu.

    d. You can also utilize drop down menu to select the type of package for your acquisition.

    e. Also, you can enter your package volume in inches before you bang on Continue button.


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