How to increase flexibility after rotary cuff surgery.

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I Just suffered from a torn rotary cuff, the surgery went on good and successful I am all good now but I need to make myself more flexible, what exercise should I follow to make myself flexible.

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  1. James Harley

     Rehabilitation plays a vital role in bringing back the flexibility of your arm and shoulder, A physical therapy is the best part of rehabilitation that can give back your arms motion and flexibility. One who has suffered from a rotary cuff surgery should follow the following to gain back motion in their arms and shoulders.

    Immobilization: After surgery the repaired rotary cuff needs to be protected, In order to protect while the tendon takes time to heal you will have to wear a sling so that you minimize the use of your arm. It usually takes 4 to 6 months weeks to wear a sling but time for wearing the sling depends upon your severity of the injury.

    Passive Exercise: After your surgery the muscle around the tears remain weak, in order to strengthen up these muscles your physician or therapist will help you in passive exercises to increase the motion in your shoulder, in these exercises usually the therapist holds your arm and moves it in different positions to strengthen the weaken muscles and to provide flexibility and motion in the arm.

    Active Exercises: After app 6 weeks you will progress towards active exercises in which you will work out on your own and move your muscles to strengthen them.

    Strengthening Exercise Program:  After 8 to 12 months, your therapist will guide you towards the strengthening program in which you will strengthen these muscles more by the help of exercises that will involve movements of your arms.

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