How to keep the house clean even when you own pets

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How to keep the house clean even when you own pets

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  1. Victor Strong

    Pets can certainly present a challenge for someone who is trying to keep their home a clean and uncluttered place. Beyond the paw prints and hair many expect, there are also toys, beds and accessories that can make a space appear messy and unorganized.

    The most important thing is that you have a desire to keep your house space clean and a belief that you can achieve it. The next thing to do is create realistic expectations of what you want. We all would appreciate spotless and flawless homes and rooms, but it may not be worth slaving hour without ever enjoying.

    I think the most important thing to do is create a routine and schedule and adhere to it. This will ensure that regular cleaning is taking place. Common things like dusting and cleaning countertop space regularly goes a long way in making an area clean. Also, having a strong organized system in terms of where to place things will make sure that things are never out of place and that they have a proverbial home to be stored in. 

    Next, in terms of pets it is important to do regular grooming and brushing to ensure they excess hair is taken care of. Also, making sure to have designated spaces where your pet eats, drinks and sleeps will help contain mess. 

    Finally ensure that your pets are well trained and clean when they are in the home. Prevention always beats cure. 

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