How to locate a Ceiling Joist

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How can I locate a Ceiling Joist? Is there any website that might provide me complete information?

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     Ceiling joists are the lateral beams inside an attic space or between levels of a dwelling to which the plaster or drywall of the ceiling is adhered with steel screws. Within a room, the joists continue from one partition to the other. In most dwellings, ceiling joists are set either 16 or 24 inches apart. Knowing this can assist to make an about judgment of where a exact ceiling joist is located. A straightforward apparatus called a stud finder can then pinpoint the position of the joist in a ceiling.

    •         Measure diagonally at a 45-degree bend, either 16 or 24 inches from the corner of the room. Tap round that issue with the end of the screwdriver handle. If the sound is depression, extend to tap round the locality until it alterations to a solid sound. This is the about position of a ceiling joist.

    •         Turn on the stud finder and overtake the apparatus over the about locality of the joist to pinpoint it in the ceiling. When the stud finder alerts that it has established a stud, proceed the apparatus round that location to work out the main heading at which the stud lays.

    •         Measure either 16 or 24 inches, counting on the joist positioning, perpendicular to the line of the first joist to find the next joist. Use the stud finder to pinpoint its location. Continue this method until you find the joist you are looking for.

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