How to make Fonts More Sharp in Flash?

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I need to adjust the smoothness of text in Flash animations. Please tell me how to do it.

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  1. Guest5291
    Open a Flash project and select the main arrow tool, which is an icon of a black arrow in the toolbar.
    Select the text you would like to make sharper. The main properties of the text will be visible in the "Properties" panel. If this panel is not visible, select "Properties" from the "Window" menu at the top of the program.
    Click the "Anti-Alias" drop-down menu to display sharpness settings.
    Select "anti-alias for animation" for text that will be used with motion.
    Select "anti-alias for readability" for static text. This text is ever-so-slightly less sharp than the animation preset.
    Select "custom anti-aliasing" to manually adjust the sharpness. This will open a dialog box with the anti-alias setting.
    Drag the "thickness" slider up and down to change the thickness of each letter. While thicker letters may be easier to read, they are not necessarily sharper.
    Drag the "sharper" slider up and down to adjust the feathering of each letter. Setting it to its limits will make the text appear like digital computer code text, while the other extreme will make the letters hazy.

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