How to make change in NADRA ID card for date of birth?

by Guest2917  |  12 years, 8 month(s) ago

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I have recently got a new NADRA ID card but my date of birth on NADRA card is written wrong. What is the procedure to change my dob on Nadra ID card?

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  1. Guest4104
    Documents Required For change in Date of birth for the period of less than 3 Years:
    Birth Certificate
    Or Matric Certificate
    Or Service book
    Or Court Decree
    Or School leaving Certificate .
    and Valid Passport

    For More than 3 Years
    Or Matric Certificate
    Or Service Book
    Or Court Decree
    Or Valid Pakistani / Foreign Passport

  2. Guest9627

     In the NIC ,date of birth of my wife is 1978 while in  old type NIC is 1970 that is coreect ,have no metric certificate,Nikha nama & old type NIC is avilable. How I can correction please give answer in deatail. THANKS

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