How to make panoramic photos with ordinary camera

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I heard someone saying that some nice quality panoramic photos can be taken with ordinary camera. As I am not a professional photographer and neither have any deep knowledge about this art; so I would like someone to tell me about making panoramic photos with ordinary camera.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Most of us could possibly be of the view that it would require a professional photographer with a fully equipped camera to snap some quality panoramic photos. Nevertheless, you will be surprised to know that with the help of a few tricks and tips you can take some good quality panoramic photographs using an ordinary digital camera. This does not really involve any rocket science but will require a little bit of overlapping of your camera. As per the experts, about 155 of overlapping can do the job for you but if you are not an expert, there should be 30% overlapping. As you increase the amount of overlap that will reduce “flaring” that happens when the software is forced to use the entire image frame, including the corners where you might see some distortion depending on the type of lens used.

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