How to prepare for board exams?

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How to prepare for board exams?

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  1. Ahana Singh

    Board exams are different from other academic exams. The exam is conducted at the state level and the competition is high. If you want to acheive good marks in board exams, you must start from the beginning. Proper planning is very important in board exams. You can find some more useful tips here:

  2. amomipais82
    this question shows that u in XI standard.....when i was in tenth i used to prepare in such a way that every day i used to touch atleast 4 subjects out of 5.....spend one hour each in every subject.....n after one hour take a to friends but dont discuss about it will irritate u much more.....n one most important thing is u have to study with full confidence for five hours......that's will help u to score good in ur board exams.
    hope it helps
  3. Guest78
    First put a schedule..... Don't Prepare schedule's in such a way that you may not follow those......... So the best way to score good marks in board exam is  Study the things daily & don't omit anything thinking that it's not important for board exam. And then Pls Pls  Pls don't copy in ur exams.. This the first step in your Life in this itself If you're gonna depend on others I surely tell u that u may not get good marks in ur board exam... Avoid sms, calling to friends, spending time in social networking such as Orkut/Facebook/twiter/......... So in this year only you're goona choose ur LIFE...... I wish u Good luck for ur board exam.
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