How to put icon with web page url?

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I need to know a way to put icon with web page url. Could someone Please tell me how to add an icon on my web page url.

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  2. Guest2768

    If you design a webpage or website, it is interesting to put an icon to it. This is called "shortcut icon". In fact, this icon will be displayed on your website or webpage when someone opens it on his personal computer or when someone selects to bookmark your site. It will be displayed in the Address bar and Favorites menu when someone visits the site.

    Shortcut icons of your website are compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0 or later. It does not require special Web server.  This is a very good way for you to add brand recognition without downloading a custom version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    You can put icon with web page URL by following the steps given below:

    First of all you need to create your icon. You can either design it from start or you can take existing image or logo of your company.

    If you already have a logo for your website or you have created it then you need to select File/Save or Ctrl+S...

    2.  By apply the commands save dialog box  will opens in the standard Window. Now choose a specific location, and then give the name favicon.ico as your icon filename. It is very important to save the file with the name "favicon.ico". It will not be took as a Shortcut Icon and will not upload it to your Web Site if you save it with a different filename,

    3. Start any program  or your FTP client you use for uploading/updating your files to your webpage or website. Now start connecting it to your website.

    4. When you have done its connection, then upload file to the root folder of your HTML pages. You should keep in mind that the "favicon.ico" filename must be unchanged during the upload.

    To associate icone with web page You need to include this link tag on a per-page basis:


    <LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" href="">

    <TITLE>Page Title</TITLE>



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