How to read the reviews about hiking shoes brands in Vancouver?

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I have hiking shoes of different brands, but they all have some defects, some are heavy to carry and are very hard to wear. I was wondering to know that which hiking shoe brand is the best and the only way to know that is to read the reviews about it. Any idea where I can find the reviews? I am always crazy about hiking but you know my hiking expedition spoils automatically when I face some serious issues with my hiking shoes. Please help me out.


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  1. Guest7594

    Hello there

    You know selecting the right hiking gear is not so easy task, especially when you are going to buy a pair of hiking shoes. It is all about comfort and reliability, if your hiking shoes are not comfortable or hurting your feet than what is the need? If I were you, than definitely I will put away all those shoes which are defective and not comforting my feet.

    The idea of wearing hiking shoes is to protect your feet rather than damaging the toes and heels, which we mostly face during hiking. And as for as some useful reviews regarding famous brands are concerned I must say that you should check out the latest reviews on the brand. Here is a link where you can find some reliable information about hiking shoes. It is all about hiking shoes reviews.

    I hope this will help you to understand the difference.



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