How to remove Windows 7?

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I upgraded from vista to windows 7 but it is not working very well with my System and I want to remove it. Any idea how to remove windows 7.

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  1. Guest4355

    There are many ways to uninstall Microsoft Windows 7, it depends upon how you want it to get uninstalled, it will be easy to uninstall Windows 7 if you have already installed the older version of Windows probably Vista or XP. Windows might be faster as compared to the other versions as it gets updated so much and the need here is to restart the computer after some time.

    If the Windows 7 version is installed then Windows XP or the Vista will be used to create a multi boot system, we cannot remove Windows 7. First you have to right click on My Computer and then choose Manage and then click on the disk Management in the left hand list. After this right click on the volume where Windows 7 in installed and in order to do this first go to the start menu, then to the control Panel. Here you have to look for System and Security tab. In the System and Security Folder search for the Administrative tools, inside it you will find the System Configuration. Here you will click on the Boot Tab and then click on the listings for Windows 7. Click on the Delete button and then restart your computer. Then after you computer is restarted the Windows 7 will be restarted.


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